About us

About us

Welcome. We’re a group of therapists and alternative therapists who enjoy helping people find new ways to appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses, communicate with others, feel healthier than they have in a long while, and reach their potential. Some of us have been doing this work for 20- 40 years and some of us are just beginning. We enrich each other’s work because sometimes the old ways are more effective while at other times new perspectives provide better approaches. In addition to learning from each other, we view our relationships with clients as reciprocal. We have a lot to teach clients and we also have a lot to learn from clients.

About Us


We believe that part of teaching clients how to appreciate themselves, enjoy their relationships, and function effectively involves recognizing that everyone has struggles and challenges. Life is not easy, so we can’t teach anyone how to have an easy life. We all experience loss, grief, frustration, fears, illnesses, pain, and other things we would rather not experience. What seems to be important is not that we create lives that are problem-free, which is not even possible, but that we effectively deal with things we would rather not experience.

Our approach to helping people find themselves so they can flow with their strengths rather than getting caught in the quicksand created by their weaknesses, is to follow a strength-based approach. What is working well in your life that you can build on? What are people with whom you have relationships doing that is considerate, beneficial, or appropriate? Sometimes we forget to notice when we are doing well or when those around us are making an effort to get along with us because it’s easy to beat ourselves up inside our heads or it’s easy to get lost in noticing what others are doing that we don’t like. Our relationships with ourselves can be improved. Sometimes, our relationships with other people can be improved.

On the other hand, however, sometimes we are really mismatched with the people in our relationships or we are mismatched regarding how we fit in our situations. Sometimes, we do better to move on. Many people come to therapy to figure out whether there is anything worth saving in their current situations or relationships. What do you want to save and what do you want to let go of?

Effective therapy is focused on helping you change yourself in positive ways rather than being focused on what’s wrong with you, your situations, or your relationships. Come in and find a new and different perspective regarding what you’ve been dealing with. Discovering a new approach to an old problem can help you make the changes you seek. We look forward to meeting you.

Complementary Therapists:

Sometimes talking about issues doesn’t seem to help very much. What alternatives are available to resolve issues when just talking about problems isn’t the answer?

There are many approaches that are beneficial. Some involve massaging muscles to relieve tension. Some involve deep energy work to relieve nerve issues. Some involve opening and balancing chakras so people’s energy flows freely through their bodies. Some involve moving joints so they are repositioned and become more functional and comfortable. Some involve finding homeopathic remedies that aid natural healing and resolution of either physical problems or emotional distress.

Many people are aware of the typical conflicts and contradictions between traditional Western approaches to healing versus traditional Eastern approaches to healing. Recently, people have recognized that both approaches to healing have value.

Sometimes people come in for alternative therapeutic work from a preventative perspective. That is, just as we are encouraged to get our teeth cleaned every six months to avoid developing dental problems in the future, many people have realized how important it is to have both our bodies and our energy systems cleared of debris periodically.

If you have been feeling unreasonably tired or edgy recently, you can call our office to get information about which alternative therapist might be most helpful to you. We will be happy to help you find new ways to resolve troublesome symptoms, regardless of whether these symptoms are very old or are new.