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If you are struggling to deal with some aspect of your life or
relationships, contact us. We offer marriage and family counseling,
individual therapy, evaluations for people of all ages, energy treatment,
and body work. Different people benefit from different approaches or

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Our therapists offer individualized guidance to help you attain your goals,
connect with people more effectively, and regain your balance when your
heart and mind pull you in different directions.

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What’s Your Life Strategy? There’s a lot of discussion about specific tactics you should use in life to become successful:
How Marriage and Family Therapists are Different Than Other Mental Health Professionals Marriage and Family Therapists, also known as MFTs,
Discover why good communication matters and what you can do to be a better communicator. It’s well known that having


What types of alternative therapies are available at our office?

We have people who do massage therapy and energy work. The majority of the information provided below is relevant to energy work because most people are already informed regarding massage therapy. Our energy therapist is trained in Reiki and other energy modalities.